External visual inspection

Exterior appearance inspection is the origin of the process of checking the number of parts, inner packaging, moisture indicators, drying and outer packaging, and then verifying secondary coatings, pin condition, sanding marks, foreign objects, manufacturer's logo placement and printed fonts (including date codes and country/region).

Solderability test
The standard for solderability test is J-STD-002B, which mainly detects whether the solderability of the pins meets the standard.
The opening of the package is mainly used to corrode the package on the surface of the chip with instruments to check whether there is a wafer inside, the size of the wafer, the manufacturer's logo, the copyright year, the wafer code to determine the authenticity of the chip chip.
The programming equipment we use supports the testing of 47,000 IC models from 208 IC manufacturers. Available include: EPROMs, parallel and serial EEPROMs, FPGAs, serial PROM configuration, flash memory, BPROM, NOVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, microcontrollers, MCUs, and standard logic device testing.

X-Ray Test

X Radiographic testing is a real-time non-destructive analysis used to inspect the hardware components inside a component. The main inspections are leadframes, wafer dimensions, gold wire binding maps, ESD damage and holes in the chip. Customers can provide available samples or pre-ordered leftovers for comparative inspection.

Electrical Characteristics Test

Use the semiconductor tube characteristics diagram to check if the chip is damaged by an open or short circuit test according to the device pinout and related instructions specified by the manufacturer in the data sheet.

Failure Analysis

Through professional failure analysis equipment and analysis methods, help customers analyze the causes of customer product failures, and give failure analysis reports and analysis conclusions。

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